Summer Break, Fall is in Swing

After a hectic but wonderful summer break, Fall is now in full swing.  And like the back-to-school Autumns of years past, this means I’ll be engaged in some activities of the more academic nature.  Loyal followers of the blog will have already noticed a significant drop in productivity, but let this serve as fair warning that I don’t plan to post much besides a quick snapshot here or there for the next several months.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to recharge the creative batteries.  In the mean time, here’s a photo I hope you won’t tire of for a while.


Yankee Stelzer

2 parents, 4 brothers, 2 wives, 4 cousins.

After suffering through a 3+ hour rain delay filled with steak sandwiches and a behind the lines look at David Wells, Outdoors Man, the sun appeared and it was time to play ball.  I got lucky and caught the action of the first pitch.

This was the game immediately after Ichiro’s 4,000th professional hit.  Here he is performing his Sumo-inspired pre-pitch routine.

The rain delay drove off all but the most die-hard (or desperate) fans.  This allowed us to turn our already great seats into near field-level ones.  It also left less competition for the between innings jumbo-tron cam, which we managed to dominate all game.

In uniform!

Spot That Sojourn: China House

Any intrepid sojourners out there recognize the location of this house?  I’ll give you a hint … it’s not China, despite the title.

Leave a comment to boost your travel cred.

Boatman Miles

What little boy doesn’t love boats?  This one certainly does.

Quintessentially Penang

Here’s another in my nascent “bikes through Georgetown series”.  Previous installment here.  To me, the background of this photo is quintessentially Penang.  The textures in the wall, the raised windshield wipers, even the classic Benz.

I’d love to hear from you.  For those who have been here, what about this scene conveys Penang to you?

No Parking, No Really

Adding on to the previous post featuring Penang’s rosak parking meter, this one illustrates the broken parking culture.  Anywhere you can manage to pull your car into is fair game, stern warning signs not withstanding.


Rosak.  Broken.  One of the first Bahasa Melayu words any newcomer to Malaysia learns, as it can be seen everywhere.

My new photo buddy and I used rosak as the theme of our most recent photo outing.  It provided me with some creative inspiration, and Miles with endless opportunities to point out and photograph the crumbling (in a charming kind of way) infrastructure of Georgetown.

Sunday Morning Paper

There are few things I enjoy more about living in Penang than simply wandering the streets of Georgetown on a weekend morning, camera slung over my shoulder, eyes open and alert to the world unfolding before me.  Okay, perhaps the amazingly good and cheap street food I encounter while exploring actually tops the list, but gushing about the food in Penang is already well covered elsewhere on these interwebs.

I almost always end up with a keeper photo or two from these strolls, like the one below of a man enjoying his Sunday paper.  I seriously need to do this more often, and now that I have a new photo buddy to accompany me (more on Miles and his blossoming interest in photography later), maybe this will become a semi-regular outing.  Contact me if you’re keen to join some time!



White Boat, Blue Gili Islands

After tackling Rinjani, you will have earned a few days of R&R.  May I suggest the Gili Islands?  Three mere specks of sand just a few kilometers off the main coast of Lombok, the Gili’s are a fairly well-known but still mostly unspoiled dive / snorkeling / relaxing / party mecca.

The clear, turquoise waters rival anything I’ve seen before, including previous contenders for the most spectacular patches of H2O: the Perhentian islands off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia or Lankayan island in Sabah.

Cardio Workout: Rinjani Smoke Break

One of the porters at the base of Rinjani, preparing his lungs for the work ahead.